Counselling has long been recognised also within the NHS (predominantly of a Cognitive Behavioural approach). There are many approaches within "counselling" but again I use a person centred and eclectic approach, combining my RMN nursing skills, counselling knowledge and incorporating these principles into Psych Investment approach.

Who benefits from Counselling?

Basically, any one of us! Counselling assists individuals to be able to access a means of support where we can totally freely and confidentially discuss any matter of things which can be hindering us in making the most of our self and our life. Counselling should help you to develop better ways of coping / dealing with any aspects of life you wish to address and allow you to life a more balanced and healthy life.

Some people may be embarrassed to attend therapy or "help" of any kind, believing they have failed in some way. The first thing I want to emphasise is that this is not the case. The very fact that you have identified areas in your own life that you feel can be improved is a clear sign of strength and self awareness.

In today’s changing society, roles are changing, pressures are wide and varied and for many reasons individual people may not be able to access support systems easily. Many people choose professional counselling and find they are able to make a huge success of their life. Just talking to someone confidentially who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference. Counselling provides a regular time for those in distress to explore their feelings and talk about their problems.

My approach enables you to help identify the areas in your life that you wish to address then I act as a catalyst to facilitate change in your thinking patterns, behaviours / habits and above all supporting you to gain a stronger self belief and resilience to move on. All of this is achieved using the unique combined approaches of RMN experience, counselling

Psyche Investment Counselling

The unique combined approaches and skills offered by Psyche Investment enable the following successes and outcomes;

An initial assessment and information gathering process which allows you to discuss in privacy any / all of the issues within your life that you wish to address. It also allows me to gain a clearer perspective about you as an individual and how best we can enable you to move forward and achieve your goals.

We will agree the use of EMDR, Counselling strategies and Analytical Hypnotherapy approaches to support you to take control of your life in a productive way and I aim to assist in supplying you with techniques in personal development that are relevant to your issues and life.

One of the most vital factors in any therapeutic process is the relationship between client and therapist.

As a therapist I aim to provide a service where you feel at ease with myself therefore increasing the likelihood of success for yourself.

By working together, we facilitate change.

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